[PD] TCL/tk shenanigans

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Fri Nov 21 21:43:32 CET 2003

hi folks

i just sent my laptop G4 back to apple again..uhgh
So i am using my G4 desktop again, which i am updating for pd37, 
xMax, GEM and cecilia for csound.
Last night i had a heck of a time with TCL/tk
pd was throwing errors regarding something like undefined 
reference ...matherr..
so i grabbed a newer version of TCL/tk which dropped a wish8.4 
into /usr/local/bin, but cecilia woul dhave none of it
so i had to grab a basic Wish Sell.app for it.

What are we using for tcl/tk so i can make sure it's not just me 
being a sloppy admin/


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