[PD] Gem/Pd crashing in edit mode in osx

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Nov 29 01:11:57 CET 2003

Hans-Christoph Steiner said this at Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:43:54 +0100:

>> Is there any reason why PackageMaker can't be used to build the  
>> installer?
>When I started with this build system, Apple hadn't released info on  
>the command line options for PackageMaker.app.  They have now, so a  
>Makefile can now make a .pkg from a file created by PackageMaker.  But  
>the current method, using /usr/bin/package, works well and is easy to  
>imitate so I don't plan on changing the Makefiles, unless  
>/usr/bin/package disappears.

Having struggled with PackageMaker.app in a couple previous versions, I
say that Hans-Christoph is very wise for going with the scriptable CLI
version. It was, as they say here in their charming english way, a "pile
of pants."
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