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Frank Barknecht fbar at
Sat Nov 22 14:37:31 CET 2003

chris clepper hat gesagt: // chris clepper wrote:

> The main complaint is speed and looks right?  Well, how about pulling 
> out all the stops and going full on 3D rendering using OpenGL via 
> GLUT or SDL?  That would shut people the hell up about both.  You 
> want to see that array update at hundreds of FPS?  Not a problem. 
> You want glowing, translucent baubles in your patch?  Sure go right 
> ahead.
> GLUT and SDL are highly portable, work on most platforms, and handle 
> windowing, drawing, input devices and events.  What more could you 
> want?  Oh yeah, you have a crappy video card... tough!!

I'm against basing the whole GUI on OpenGL, and this is, because
OpenGL is not as portable as it seems. For example, I still do not
have OpenGL running hardware-accelerated on my Linux laptop. 

So it would be better to use a toolkit, that allows OpenGL to be
easily embedded, but doesn't require OGL. SDL would be okay as would
be wxWindows, Qt or Gtk. 

I'm also thinking of another approach: The jMax folks are in the
process of porting the GUI part to wxPython, and they already made
some interesting progress in this area. How about joining forces with
them and try to reuse the relevant parts of pyMax as GUI for Pd? 

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