the damned GUI - was:[PD] Pd in white on black and OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at
Sun Nov 23 10:30:09 CET 2003

Ken hat gesagt: // Ken wrote:

> Thats what i was getting at Frank, I've opened your Pd7 and other externels
> the first time I used pd and said, huh, (clicking on all available boxes),
> say compared to Reactor where its much more intuitive.

Ah well, the pdx7 is a very bad example because it's a very bad patch
viewed from now. But still quite okay for a first try at using Pd.
Ergonomically it's a desaster. But the IEMGUI elements were not a part
of Pd then.

> And yes my comment is in the line that I think that our instruments should
> look nice, a good gui can put me in a creative frame of mind.  But then
> again, I think that colorized syntax in xemacs looks good?!?

Syntax highlighting is a good example of how simple measures can have
quite an impact. Sliders, radio buttons and toggles are the equivalent
in Pd. 

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