the damned GUI - was:[PD] Pd in white on black and OSC

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Sun Nov 23 04:00:20 CET 2003

Thats what i was getting at Frank, I've opened your Pd7 and other externels
the first time I used pd and said, huh, (clicking on all available boxes),
say compared to Reactor where its much more intuitive.

And yes my comment is in the line that I think that our instruments should
look nice, a good gui can put me in a creative frame of mind.  But then
again, I think that colorized syntax in xemacs looks good?!?

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> Hallo,
> Larry Troxler hat gesagt: // Larry Troxler wrote:
> > I'm kind of bewildered about this as well - to me, PD is just a tool to
> > *create* something beautifull, namely music. It doesn't need to be
> > in itself.
> >
> > And because using PD takes some serious left-brain thinking, I'm a bit
> > surprised that many users care about it's graphical appearance. But
> > they do.
> >
> > I suppose the analogy here would be that some musicians prefer their
> > instruments to look nice, hence nice looking grand pianos, snazzy
> > guitars, and the like.
> In general I fully agree with your view, because that's pretty much
> the way how I use Pd.
> But I see an area where looks are important, and that is in building
> interfaces for (live) performances. Here things have to be intuitive
> and very easy and fast to use. To achieve this is quite a bit more
> difficult in Pd than it should be.
> ciao
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