[PD] Pd in white on black and OSC

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sun Nov 23 13:00:07 CET 2003

hi Yves,

yes, splitting sys_gui()'s buffer into chunks, which are sent in
a separate thread, is likely the best way to go about sending data
to the pdgui -- so as not to interrupt audio by blocking on

Which is the important part.  There is also a less important part
I had in mind, that in order to make array redrawing _look_ smooth,
the actual communication overhead would have to be minimized.


Yves Degoyon wrote:
>> Redrawing arrays is quite another matter. With that amount of data
>> to pass, people would keep complaining, unless graphics is done in
>> a separate thread of the engine process.
> that's a patch i've made once and with the one on soundfiler too to load
> the files in a thread, pd runs much more smoothly,
> here are the modifications for 0.37 tested on linux only.

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