[PD] [OT]Audio configuration on Redhat 8.0? HELP!!

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 15:59:04 CET 2003

This one goes out to the the redhat users out there! I
have installed redhat 8.0 on my laptop and everything
ran very smoothly, everything runs, except the
sound(which is the only reason I installed it in the
first place!). Basically whenever I log into a session
I get an error saying, /dev/dsp/ no such device....,
the soundcard I have is just a simple Via Tech AC97, I
would have thought that is was a standard enough
generic sound card? I tried to install OSS but that
failed, giving these results,

your currently detected hardware combination works
with the base OSS software
so you don't need to select any additional drivers
when ordering the permanent OSS license.

Warning: Some of the devices failed to initialize.
See /usr/lib/oss/soundon.log for more info.

Some common system setup errors were detected:
     1: PCI interrupt not allocated by BIOS

Please look at /usr/lib/oss/errors.log for
troubleshooting instructions.

Another thing, I have not used Linux since I was in
university and I seem to remember tools like SndConfig
where I could config my audio? Things like this seem
to be mising from this distribution. I also looked at
ALSA but it appears that I need the src for my linux
distro, I don't have this either.  

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