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Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 02:31:36 CET 2003

Hi Jorge,
PD is almost anti-threaded....
nevertheless, from version 0.37 on, there's a global thread lock which can
be set be sys_lock() and unset by sys_unlock() for a _short_ time.
It should be used with every api function changing PD's state (like outlet
and clock functions, gensym etc.) or interfering with other externals (like
post) called from a second thread. atom functions or the likes need not use
the thread lock.
There have been reports describing deadlocks... i'm not sure what causes
them, but in case you are experimenting with PD and threads, feedback of any
kind is more than welcome.

best greetings,

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I'm a newbie to this PD thing so excuse me if I'm asking a dumb question:

Does PD have any kind of thread support? I'm thinking of using it as a
server that accepts requests over the network, does some processing stuff
and sends
the result back to the client. Now I want to be able to do this for many
concurrent requests...

I guess that something like this would be hard to do without threads.

Any comments?


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