[PD] getting started on OS X 10.2.8

kevin parks kp8 at mac.com
Wed Nov 26 07:19:29 CET 2003


I downloaded the pre-built package from www.pure-data.org and ran the 
installer. I let it install everything. I had Tcl/tk 8.4.4 already 
installed, but let the installer overwrite that with 8.4.1 since the 
site said that there pd "seems" to have trouble with 8.4.2 and 8.4.4. I 
am not sure what that is about. I'd wouldn't mind knowing if it does 
have trouble with it or not, "seems" is not a word one likes associated 
with software. It is like i "seem" to be bleeding from my head. Either 
you are or you ain't.... Anyhoo... Things are a mess. pd launches the 
wish sell and gives you the other little box for IO or whatever, but 
refuses to open any patches and when i try it just keeps opening shells 
but not patch to run or edit.... I tried opening through the menu but 
all my .pd files are greyed out.

Someone please, i am begging, helping get this thing running, and also, 
is it at all possible to use GEM on Mac OS X and how do you do that?

Any help would be appreciated


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