[PD] getting started on OS X 10.2.8

kevin parks kp8 at mac.com
Wed Nov 26 13:04:41 CET 2003

hi. Adam Lindsay & co.....

Thanks for taking the time to respond....

> Cutting and pasting across patches should work. What you describe is 
> not
> normal; it should work. In fact, that's my main way of learning/getting
> things done... copying from tutorials and modifying things from there.

I am not sure why i was getting all that strange behavior. It must be 
something with Tcl/tk already having been installed as 8.4.4. I went 
through with the OSXPM again and deleted everything and reinstalled pd 
again from stretch and now things mostly seem dandy. I was using that 
Batteries Included Tcl/tk installer for my python stuff.
Now that i am dumbed down totally to 8.4.1 things seem okay. Thank god 
for that OSXPM or i would never had been able to track down all that 
tcl stuff to delete.

> Later versions of Tcl/TkAqua not entirely functional, but no one has
> really tracked down the root cause. So empirically speaking, stick to
> 8.4.1, as distributed.


> I'm not sure how you're "open"ing these patches, but to head off some
> potential complaints, double clicking patches in the finder is still on
> the primitive side in terms of its developing support, so it's better 
> to
> open things from the Open dialog box.

double clicking still doesn't work but the Open dialog box from WISH is 
okay now.

> Chris Clepper has a site with bleeding-edge versions of GEM:
> <http://taproot.dyndns.org/~cgc/>

I downloaded GEMOSXCVS.gtar and ended up with something called 
I am guessing that goes in in a folder someplace? Hmm...

> ps. Sorry you're frustrated, but I humbly suggest you chill out maybe 
> two
> notches. This is a pretty mellow group on the list (usually).

Actually, i am not frustrated, i was trying to be funny....



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