[PD] pdp/pidip segmentation fault

metafor metafor at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 14:00:52 CET 2003

hi list

what causes pdp/pidip to crash with segmentation fault while using 
several effects in chain.
just effects with mouse feedback like cmap or ctrack are affected and 
only when i'm using
this effects in chain (wiht reg and mix), standalone eg. the 
help_pdp_cmap is working properly.

it seems that it crashs more likely when i'm fastclick several times in 
the xv.

is there a certain "don't do this" with these effects?

i'm using pdp 0.12.2, the latest pidp 0.12.11 with pd-037.0 on debian. 
the system as such is
runnig stable.


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