[PD] Announcing "RRADical Pd"

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Nov 28 19:25:12 CET 2003

e skogen hat gesagt: // e skogen wrote:

> i've been moving toward this type of reusable idea with my patches, and 
> i think it's a good idea to support something like this as a group. the 
> problem has always been creating abstractions than can mingle. everyone 
> has varying programming styles, and with a system as open as pd, having 
> abstractions communicate in a common way can be difficult.
> one thing i've found useful is routing abstractions using OSC. each 
> abstraction is given a name as it's first argument, and it can 
> automatically be referenced from that point on with:
> /pd/synth/(name)
> so the user just needs to know how to create the abstraction and give it 
> a name, and then set a sequencer to send OSC commands to that synth 
> using a standard interface. this way, i can have lots of different synth 
> abstractions controlled the same way.

That's interesting. I never thought of that, cool idea. And it even
works over networks, so that two or more people could jam together. 

> i'll try to post some examples soon, but i guess what i'd like to see is 
> some collaboration on a higher level framework. i'm with you on this 
> idea frank.

I'd love to see some examples. So there are already proposed solutions

1) persistance (state saving): pool
2) communication (send messages in a unified way between patches):
OSC, send/receive,...

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