[PD] pdp and gsl-shlibs

timon botez timon at sosolimited.com
Sat Nov 29 01:27:11 CET 2003

I have repeatedly tried to get pdp to work without success. I have 
followed the procedures outlined in the Install notes provided but it 
seem like Fink are not able to locate the gsl-shlibs. I am running 
panther, on a 800 mhz tibook. I got pd properly installed and have been 
able to load all the other extras. I went on the pd-mail list to see if 
other people had encountered the same problems and I found that this 
seem to be a running issue, although without any solution. Im sorry for 
pestering, but I would be extremely happy if ANYONE could point me to 
where  to get the gsl-shlibs, or what command I should run in fink to 
obtain them.


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