[PD] Advice on PD/Flash Usage

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Sat Nov 29 10:53:21 CET 2003

Marcus wrote:

>1. Is it neccessary to learn Actionscript in order to
>create interaction between PD and Flash, or will just
>a few rote lines of memorized code suffice? At the
>moment, all I want to do is build some sliders and
>have PD recieve the numerical data.
If you have a look at the files that come with flashserver there already 
is an example file doing just that: sending values from sliders to 
flashserver. If you modify the look of it you can get your own version 
without too much ActionScripting. Just change the server name to piont 
your hostname or IP (this can be found in the 'action' layer).

>2. I'm not hosting any webspace on a local box, though
>I do have telnet access. Will it be possible to boot
>my patch through my telnet-accessed comand line? If
>not, is there any way of pulling this off short of
>building my own webserver?
In the end you have to have flashserver / Pd and the webserver that 
hosts the flash file running on the same machine! Flash PlugIns only 
connect to the IP / hostname they have been loaded from. If you start 
the flash movie from harddisk this does not apply....

You can install and run Pd through telent access.

>3. Has anyone tried to stream audio data back through
You will need Icecast anyway but you can play mp3 streams directly in 
Flash. So users don't have to start a separate player for that.


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