[PD] Announcing "RRADical Pd"

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sat Nov 29 05:46:11 CET 2003

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 07:57:44PM +0100, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Chris McCormick hat gesagt: // Chris McCormick wrote:
> > This is a way cool idea and something I've been working on in my spare
> > time to help out friends who are new to Pd. If I wanted to contribute a
> > bunch of small GOP modular-synth units (very simple things, just
> > abstracting svf~ + slider, simple gop delay unit etc.), 
> That's exactly what I think should be in RRADical.
> > where would I do that?
> I just now did set up a folder on pure-data.org for the project. You
> can find it in "community -> projects", the full path is: 
> http://www.pure-data.org/community/projects/rradical/
> Currently this includes a Wiki page with mostly copied mailings, and a
> "topic", that automatically collects files and documents containing the
> Keyword: "rradical"
> So you just have to create an account on pure-data.org, unless you
> already did so. Then upload your patches to your home folder there.
> Don't forget to give them names with correct suffixes like .pd or .zip
> After uploading open up the "properties" tab of your file and select
> "rradical" as keyword. You can also select "patch" as well, then it
> will appear under "community - Pd patches", too.
> After that just change the "state" of your file and "Publish" it to
> make it available to all other visitors.
> I'm really glad, that so many folks already expressed their interest
> in this project. I couldn't have hoped for that many initially...

Ok, I've uploaded my GOP mini-effects units onto p-d.org. The patches
lack persistance and OSC functionality as discussed, but I think they
are a good start. I'll start adding pool persistance and OSC shortly.

I think as well as making pool & OSC standard in these units it would be
cool to establish the following guidelines when designing Rrad units:

* All sliders/controls have a standard range (i.e. 0 to 1 or 1 to 0) -
the patches will internally scale the value to what they need. (eg.
x20000 for filter cutoff)
* All sliders/controls will send/receive on the channel $1-slidername

So for example in my s-filter~ i have two sliders resonance and cutoff.
resonance can be modified from outside the unit using $1-resonance. So
if the unit is:

[s-filter~ fx1] you can modify the value of cutoff by sending
 to 'fx1-cutoff'.

What do you guys think of that idea?

chris at mccormick.cx

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