[PD] installing and running/using pd/pdp/pidip/gem on panther

Gon Zifroni gzifroni at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 29 15:51:59 CET 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm new to all this but I would like to contribute because I think the 
intentions you all have are good,
although my knowledge of programming stops at flash scripting, I would 
really want to take part of this experience and be able to use this amazing 
piece of software you are all building here together.
Maybe my contribution could be of bringing user-level concepts and basically 
beta-testing what you build.
I am a designer in public-space (just grad) based in rotterdam doing some 
vjying at weekends with an alubook15" 1ghz 256ram running all latest panther 
I understand that Adam Lindsay you are the one working on porting this array 
of softs to panther, so probably this will only be of interest to you.. 
sorry if this is not the right place to post this..
Exploring the pd/pdp/pidip/gem network, I started following the instruction 
to install pd on panther through fink. Installing fink caused already a 
problem when the .dmg downloaded couldn't be mounted : "no mountable 
filesystem found"..
reading on I found a message in some forum quoting that fink isn't actually 
needed at all because panther contains all the libs needed to install/run 
So I found Adam's page; downloaded pd 0.36 install package which worked 
fine. Had to restart to be able to run it though.
The other file I found here: 
http://taproot.dyndns.org/~cgc/downloads/index.html is the g4 version of gem 
: once downloaded it unpacks just 1 file called Gem.pd_darwin : how do I use 
this file? is it an installer? is gem needed to run pdp?

I have now PD 0.36 running, so basically the question is: how do I install 
PDP, GEM and PiDiP (are they so different? do they complement each other?) 
onto PD 0.36 (in panther thus)..

This just shows how difficult it might be for non-coders to use those 
obviously great tools..
Maybe it might be interesting to build a site that sits as a communication 
portal (linking all these efforts together).. communication for new but also 
more serious users (prbbly you, the ones at the base of this, sothat all 
know what threads of devs are going on -who's doing what-).

Maybe it is already there and I just missed it, maybe I miss the point of 
all this.. but for me the communication issue is the one which makes OS look 
so dark..
I saw some german lecturer of an OS conference last thursday in rotterdam 
promoting his book "free networks" or so, he was quoting himself: "geeks, no 
speech" from his experience with trying to understand and grasp a bit of 
what is happening with the OS dev world the last year(s)..

Having said that I personally don't think of people working together as 
something dark, I actually had good experience with a group (code31) in 
And coming from the field of creation I totally adhere to collaborative 
working as going forward and pushing limits.

apologies for the long mail / / I hope this is not received as misunderstood 
/ language sometimes deflects from the original meaning..

greetings and keep up the good work

Gon Zifroni.

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