[PD] installing and running/using pd/pdp/pidip/gem on panther

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Nov 29 22:12:31 CET 2003

> I have now PD 0.36 running, so basically the question is: how do I 
> install PDP, GEM and PiDiP (are they so different? do they complement 
> each other?) onto PD 0.36 (in panther thus)..

PDP/PiDiP and Gem don't depend on each others,
you can install one or the other or both.

Gem is more dedicated to 3D
and PDP/PiDiP to video processing.

but, Gem does some video processing too
and PDP does 3D, i know, tricky....

to install PDP/PiDiP on OSX, you will need Fink,
sorry, i don't know other ways of installing
the requested packages
on that system.

you can find PDP/PiDiP package and installation guidelines here:

the support for OSX is quite new and not very well tested,
so, be indulgent ( and patient ).
it was first and mainly developped for Linux.


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