[PD] installing and running/using pd/pdp/pidip/gem on panther

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Sat Nov 29 21:17:25 CET 2003

At 2:51 PM +0000 11/29/03, Gon Zifroni wrote:
>The other file I found here: 
>http://taproot.dyndns.org/~cgc/downloads/index.html is the g4 
>version of gem : once downloaded it unpacks just 1 file called 
>Gem.pd_darwin : how do I use this file? is it an installer? is gem 
>needed to run pdp?
>I have now PD 0.36 running, so basically the question is: how do I 
>install PDP, GEM and PiDiP (are they so different? do they 
>complement each other?) onto PD 0.36 (in panther thus)..

I have just updated that page to give some installation directions 
for GEM on OSX.  Let me know if they are adequate.


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