[PD] patch structure

Thurstan thurstan666 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 29 19:12:40 CET 2003

So if I understand you well (I guess not) I have to use names like

[pd patch_one_of_six]

which contains

[delwrite~ delay1$0]
[delwrite~ delay2$0]

and so on

and in subpatch two_of_six I'll have to use

[delwrite~ delay1$1]
[delwrite~ delay2$1]

¿OR can I just name every object $0 and that's it? Looks a bit silly and
unlogical to me so that will probably not be the case...?

Grtz Wilf

> hi,
> if you start building big patches you will find it useful to name every
> send/receive/array/delay/throw, ... with $0-names. $0 is expanded
> with a unique number.
> this looks a bit ugly, but is still less work than controlling all names
> all of your patches.
> marius.

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