[PD] patch structure

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Nov 29 20:41:39 CET 2003

Thurstan hat gesagt: // Thurstan wrote:

> So if I understand you well (I guess not) I have to use names like
> [pd patch_one_of_six]
> which contains
> [delwrite~ delay1$0]
> [delwrite~ delay2$0]
> and so on
> and in subpatch two_of_six I'll have to use
> [delwrite~ delay1$1]
> [delwrite~ delay2$1]

You need to put all $-symbols at the start, and $1 is something
totally different from $0. No harm intended, but: You should read the
HTML documentation, please. You won't come very far without reading it
at least once.

> ¿OR can I just name every object $0 and that's it? Looks a bit silly and

Well, you don't need to make a subpatch with [pd ...] to use $0, you
can use it anywhere, and it will be local inside that file i.e. that
abstraction, but it will still reach any subpatches inside that file.

Better read that docs...

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