[PD] installing and running/using pd/pdp/pidip/gem on panther

Gon Zifroni gzifroni at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 29 21:34:50 CET 2003

>I have just updated that page to give some installation directions for GEM 
>on OSX.  Let me know if they are adequate.

great! so basic, ur instructions helped me to know that I should type "pd 
-lib Gem" to launch pd with a certain lib..
and seem to work when loading a gem sample patch but then some stuff is 
missing look:

pix_videoDarwin: constructor
pix_videoDarwin: height 320 width 240
pix_videoDarwin: number of SGcomponents: 1
pix_videoDarwin: opened default component
pix_videoDarwin: initialized SG
dataref ok

pix_videoDarwin: could not make new SG channnel
pix_videoDarwin: could not set SG ChannelBounds
pix_videoDarwin: could not set SG ChannelUsage
pix_videoDarwin: set SG HighQuality
error: canvas: no method for 'atom'
... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.
01.VideoPaint.pd 27 0 28 0 (/->text) connection failed
01.VideoPaint.pd 28 0 26 1 (text->pix_threshold) connection failed
01.VideoPaint.pd 37 0 38 0 (+->+) connection failed
01.VideoPaint.pd 38 0 37 1 (+->???) connection failed

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