[PD] re: state saving

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Nov 30 12:52:42 CET 2003

David NG McCallum hat gesagt: // David NG McCallum wrote:

> My requirements for state saving are... that the settings files be saved 
> in the path of the parent patch. 

But this is not a requirement of state saving as a concept, or is it
to you? 

> I don't know if midi channel and CC need to be taken into account
> with state saving, because that can be taken care of in the argument
> level of the abstraction...
I think everything, that an abstraction author wants to restore later
should be possible to save, but that highly depends on the particular

But midi assignments must be configurable to different gear. Actually
I think, that no rradical abstraction should use midi directly, there
should instead be a central midi in patch, that can route midi data to
certain locations.

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