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cgc at humboldtblvd.com cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Mon Nov 17 22:11:18 CET 2003

Quoting ben at ekran.org:

> Opps, its:
> FSAA 2|4|8
> uppercase not lower case. 

Yeah that gets me every once and a while too.  Should it be changed to
lowercase??  Oh and it's 2 or 4 or 8 not 21418. ;)

> It does not seem to have any effect on this
> linux machine with a geforce4.
I've wrapped an #idef __APPLE__ around the ARB_multisample code because I can
only test it on OSX right now.  You can remove it and test it on Linux if you
want.  If it fails it should do so silently and issue an error, but not cause
any problems. 

> Last time I looked the documentation in CVS was pretty up to date, new
> files for the new objects.
> There is an extruded text object in CVS, I've not played with it
> though
> (but I think there is a help file!)
There is indeed a helpfile for textextruded in CVS.  You can grab the CVS as a
whole, or just the /help folder or you can use the web interface on sf.net and
get just that file by copy and paste or do a save as in the browser.

There will be an official list of new features and objects once the release is
final.  Until then here's some things to take note of:

- on OSX pix_film and pix_video default to YUV
- pix_film and pix_video take a 'colorspace rgb' or 'colorspace yuv' message
- pix_film will enact the colorspace change the next time a film is loaded
- pix_video requires a 'reset' message to change the colorspace and size

- pix_grey, pix_diff have added altivec for both RGB and YUV
- pix_add and pix_subtract have RGB altivec now
- pix_texture is better optimized
- pix_texture2 is an alias to pix_texture now
- jamie has built some of 'petes plugins' like backlight, halftone, luma offset
and kaleidoscope
- yuv_ objects are fully deprecated and will no longer be in distribution builds

- Full Scene Anti-Aliasing is included in OSX: send 'FSAA 2/4/8' to enable
- the gemwin has a built in FPS counter: set 'profile 1' in the gemwin and send
a 'fps' message whenever you want to get the FPS sample.
- secondscreen is currently not functional in 10.3.  the work around is to
offset and size the gemwin to cover the display.  there is no performance
penalty if this is done properly.

plus some more stuff I can't remember...


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