[PD] Recorder Patch (was: dynamic array creation)

Robert Figura rfigura at aubergine.zwischengesicht.de
Sat Dec 6 14:25:46 CET 2003


> > I'm trying to build a recorder patch which would record the changes
> > of states of controlers during an performance. It should be able to
> > "replay" them later, and use them to render/outpu the performance in
> > hi-quality by slowing down to 1 fps for example..
> I don't know if that is possible with Pd at all. Pd is not Csound. ;)

I did a recorder tap abstraction some time ago.
A recorder was put in a message stream, recording everything including a 
timestamp to a textfile. On signal it reads it as a qlist.

[recorder xyz]

 | |[record(
 | | |
[send recorder-xyz]

I haven't touched it for a while since i am working with a sequencer now.
That's why i'm hesitating to post it but if you really need to see it...

- Robert Figura

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