[PD] portmidi assertion fails

Johannes Taelman j0 at advalvas.be
Thu Dec 11 01:22:16 CET 2003


I'm currently getting assertion faillures in PD (on winxp, with a 
hyperthreading P4 CPU)

Program: pd.exe
File: ..\portmidi\pm_win\pmwinmm.c
Line: 441

Expression: FALSE

It happens once in a while. I'm actually sending a lot of midi data into 
pd (from a Novation Remote25 usb-midi keyboard, and a Roland Handsonic 
hand percussion controller through my HDSP soundcard).

I can click on ignore (multiple times, the assertion fault appears in 
dozens) and go on with pd, but as long as the dialog is there, no midi 
is getting through...

Has anyone seen this, or knows a solution? Is it a midi parse error?
Could I just remove this assertion in the code and recompile?


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