[PD] pdp/pidip multiple video files

Robert Figura rfigura at aubergine.zwischengesicht.de
Fri Dec 12 00:40:16 CET 2003


If i use two pdp_yqt objects to load two different quicktime videos (for 
example like in the help-pdp_canvas.pd) the videostreams collide.
I am using mpeg4 encoded quicktime files.

Using two pdp_xv or two textured p3d_object doesn't help
Using separate threads for pdp also doesn't help.
Using pdp_qt instead of pdp_yqt yields the same result.

Maybe libquicktime is broken.

my versions:

libquicktime-cvs-2003-12-03 (how to get the date from a cvs fetch?)
Pd version 0.37.1 TEST1
PDP: version 0.12.2
PiDiP: version 0.12.11

Question: Has anybody multiple video files working? Then which version are you 

Thanks in advance;

- Robert Figura

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