[PD] grid arguments?

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Fri Dec 12 00:33:18 CET 2003

I am running Pd on windows. I have downloaded the Grid external and am trying to adjust the values and the geometry of the GUI. Unfortunately, I can't right click on the abject to adjust the properties, as grid was designed to do. I noticed that grid can take initial arguments to set these properties, and so far, I have figured out what some of them are. For instance, when I write this object:

grid grid1 200 -100 100 100 - 50 50 1 1 1 4 2 202 332

I know I'll get a grid of 200 width, 100 height, with x values ranging from -100 to 100, y values from -50 to 50. In other words, I know these arguments:

grid <grid name> <width> <x-minimim> <x-maximum> <height> <y-minimum> <y-maximum> <??> <??> <??> <number of lines - x> <number of lines - y> <??> <??>

Am I right about this? Does anyone know what the other arguments are? Does this question make any sense? Please help!

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