[PD] pix_background - no method for blur + where is pix_tIIR for Linux?

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Tue Dec 16 22:02:43 CET 2003

At 7:00 PM +0000 12/16/03, robcanning wrote:
>I'm having trouble getting pix_background working on my windows 
>machine.  I have tried running the help patch in /5.reference/ and 
>when i hit the 'threshold' message box going in to the right inlet i 
>get the error:
>pix_background: no method for 'blur'
>any ideas?

Well, I wrote that object and I have no idea where 'blur' would even 
enter into it - there's certainly nothing related to blur in the 
current CVS.  Try using a 'range $1 $2 $3' message to set the R G B 
or Y U V  thresholds.  The right inlet was added by Johannes and does 
the same thing as the range message, except the range message accepts 
exact integer pixel values while the right inlet requires normalized 
0..1 floats.


>also I'm still trying to find pix_tIIR for linux -It seems to be 
>included in the 0.87+cvs version for windows and OSX but I can't 
>find it in that version for Linux.
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