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Andrey Savitsky a.savitsky at hhtp.org
Mon Dec 22 10:08:49 CET 2003

hi, take a look at attachment.  Maybe my GUI for keyboard will be helpfull
for you.


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> > Subject: [PD] keyboard input
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> > dear PD-list,
> >
> > i'm new to pd and would like to use it for some idea i had on my mind
> > for quite some time.
> >
> > i'm mostly interested in what has already been done with pd and the
> > standard computer-keyboard as the input device for real time objects,
> > and further to control/play sound (sampler/synth) with its keys.
> >
> > would the list be so kind to report me about anything you ever stumbled
> > on that involved pd processing keyboard input?
> Using the key and keyname objects, you can map almost any keyboard input.
> I use the Key object to track the letters and numbers' ascii code and
> keyname for all the other keys. The reason why not to use keyname for
> every key is that the keyname object coupled with a select object sends
> two bangs (key_on, key_off). If you want to trigger stuff, you have to
> cut off one bang (I use spigot to do it).
> Enter is key 10, Spacebar is 32. Uppercase letters share a difference of
> 32 with their lowercase partner.
> I've had problems with the F10 key, it was acting as a pause button. F11
> is called L1 and F12 is L2. Print Screen and Pause are both labeled ??
> (note that print screen has latency problems).
> I like to use F1 to F8 to trigger stuff, F11 for mdi on/off and F12 for
> audio on/off. Letters for sequencing info.
> Anyway, I have a patcher that maps most of the keyboard inputs located
> at:
> http://hybrid.concordia.ca/~hugod/projects/keyboard.pd
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