[PD] [ANN] linux dmx external

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Tue Dec 23 12:59:37 CET 2003


After having it running for a few days I think it's reasonably ok to 
share with the rest of you, there is now an extern to talk to the 
dmx4linux driver (-> http://llg.cubic.org/dmx4linux/ ) from pd. I 
wrote it for an installation (the same reason I wrote the netreceive
patch), it's neither full featured nor especially well tested but it
could serve as a starting point to use dmx with pd running linux.

get it here -> http://test.pilot.fm/pd/externs/
more info on dmx can be found here -> http://www.euro-pa.be/dmx.html

special thanks to Michael Stickel, for writing the linux driver and
his kind support.

ah yes and there is an exceptionally boring screenshot, but since
it's there anyway -> http://test.pilot.fm/nolink/help_dmx_pd.png



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