[PD] gui makes noises / threaded gui

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon Dec 29 12:06:51 CET 2003

> with Fluxbox windowmanager under Gentoo on a laptop. I do notice that
> if I have another app running that does something with the screen
> space [the animations played in the Gkrellm2 system monitor, for
> example], then I get periodic interruptions of sound. However, I can
> use grids, sliders, and even open up subpatches and drag them around
> without fear of boo-boos.

> So what is the differences between my system and yours? It could have 
> something to do with PCI interrupts, I suppose. Where is your sound
> card and where is your video card in regards to IRQ assignments? Are
> you on a desktop or a laptop? What is your sound card and what is your
> video card? Can you reassign IRQs in the BIOS, or failing that, try
> the card-rearrangement-voodoo-dance? Low-latency and/or preemptive
> kernel patches? Kernel version? Need...more...information.... ;-)
my system: laptop, gentoo linux, kernel 2.4.23-ck1, maudio quattro, ati
since it's laptop, i can't reassign irqs ... but since the soundcard is
a usb device and the video card an agp device, i don't think that it has
something to do with interrupts (although i'm not sure...)

anyway, i'll try yves patch first...

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