[PD] Max/Msp Patches

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 2 18:51:04 CET 2004

tobias hat gesagt: // tobias wrote:

> does someone know, how to use Max/Msp patches in pd. With "open" i can 
> choose to enable Max files, but it doesnt work. i get some messages 
> "cant creat object ..." for the nonexisting objects but the patch 
> doesnt open. (using OS X and Max 4.3 and pd 0.37).

You can only open Max patches in text format (*.pat). Installing
Cyclone will let Pd create much more of the Max objects, that are
missing. But if you get Max patches, that use, say, a lot of Jitter
objects, you're out of luck. Otherwise some missing objects can be
emulated a bit by providing abstractions that have the same number of
in- and outlets. You still will need to write the functionality of
the missing objects then.

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