[PD] A newbie needs first aid!

Mario Wienerroither digitalofen at gmx.at
Mon Feb 2 22:18:13 CET 2004

I have a big problem with pd (what else; I'm a PD-greenhorn)

A friend of mine and me need to finish a project -programmed in PD- till tomorrow and don't know how to learn this program in only one day.
If there's anybody out there who can help us... please do so!

We have several gif-sequences (each 32 pics). 
The first problem we have is: The sequence should start by pressing a (doesn't matter wich one) midi-key. 
After that the pix-video should start by showing one frame by another with a time delay of 0.3 seconds in between until the
32th picture was shown 0.3 seconds. If no other key (for starting an other gif-sequence) was pressed,  the video should be looped. If an other
key was pressed, the other sequence should start after the 32th picture from the 1st video.
The whole thing should stop after the 320th shown picture and start again, when you press a key on the keyboard.

Please help us! We really need to get that thing finished.
Thank you and bye.

Mario Wienerroither
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