[PD] Max/Msp Patches

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Feb 4 17:28:53 CET 2004


forget about the File/Open -> *.pat route.  Start pd with the
"-lib cyclone" option, create a [cyclone] object, click on it, and
load _either_ a max-binary, or max-text patch, no matter how it is

Then, look at the console, which warns you about missing objects,
and the like.  Connections are preserved, though -- you are set
to start cleaning up the mess.

Cyclist is more of a debug tool, actually (but nice to have
around).  It takes a single argument naming a max-binary file,
and dumps max-text to standard output.  In case you still insisted
on trying the File/Open -> *.pat option, the command would be
"cyclist binfname > txtfname" (modulo path specs).


tobias wrote:
> Thanks a lot.
> Can you say more about this "cyclist" executable, because i only have 
> the max binarys and no working MaxMSP at the moment.

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