[PD] A newbie needs first aid!

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 12:14:33 CET 2004

I think seen as you went so far as to join the list
and seek out suggestions from other users that not too
many people can think that you were looking for a
quick answer or an easy solution to your problem. You
obviously have an interest in learning more about the
subject, fair play and enjoy using PD! bwt if you ever
put the finished piece online post a link!! 

--- Mario Wienerroither <digitalofen at gmx.at> wrote: >
Maybe its good, maybe its not, what's happening here
> now.
> My intention was not to give a bang for
> psychological
> discussions like that. 
> I think, I should try to lower the heat of emotions
> now.
> When I asked for 'first aid' via this discussion
> board, I
> didn't even think about the possibility, someone
> would
> send me a whole patch for my (it was only a small
> part
> of the whole) project. 
> Sure, it helped a lot, but just as I said... it was
> not the
> whole project. The main thing were the 60
> video-clips
> we filmed for that, together with the
> picture-processin-
> stuff, sound design with NI Reaktor and so on. I
> should
> have said earlier, that the PD-patch is not the
> whole
> project. Maybe then my situation would have been
> clearer
> to other people.
> I've worked (only in PD) for 17 hours for the
> project...
> just because of Brandons and every others help
> relating
> to PD. Some things were new to me (e.g. Framestein),
> that gave me the reason to spend time with that for 
> understanding it. And it made project much more 
> better than it would have been without external
> informations. I saw the whole thing as a learning 
> process. Its not, that I got the patch and showed it
> to my
> teacher; I had to understand it and connect it to
> the rest
> of the mains patch elements, together with all the
> material
> the project is based upon in order to work together.
> Yes, and I really learned a lot by doing that. Once
> I
> hated PD, now, after working with it in a very
> intensive
> way, I think I continue working with it.
> I was really happy when I saw, that the
> community-members
> here are helping each other; even if some beginner
> like me
> asks for help. In some game-developer-communities
> the
> situation is a bit different. It seems as if the
> professionals
> only help other professionals. 
> So please don't think about changing you minds. This
> community should be a place for helping each other.
> Something else... my tutor knows about the help of
> you
> all and apprechiates it a lot.
> Thanks everyone!

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