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you can use the trigger object. it is abbreviated with "t".

if you connect your slider outlet to a [trigger bang float] (= [t b f]) then
you have two outlets. the right outlets the float and the left a bang,
everytime when a new message comes in. the float is sent before the bang, so
you can connect the second outlet with eg. the *~ and the first with the
message 44100.

of course you could also multiply the result of your subtraction (endpoint -
startpoint) with 2,26757e-005 which is 1/44100 and is even a bit faster in
computation than the division.


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> Hello list
> I am trying to build a live capture and loop sampler in pd.
> I have 3 controls - start point, end point and record.
> Start point defines the point in the sampled array to start playback,
> end point defines the point to end playback. Thus I can use sliders to
> define the limits of a looping sample:
> http://www.yeeking.net/pd/sampler2.png
> The problem is that every time i move the sliders, i have to retrigger
> all other numbers in the system to make the sample play back as i'd
> expect. E.g. if i move the start point slider, I have to click the end
> point slider then the 44100 message in the above image before it plays
> back as i want.
> I have connected a metro that bangs the sliders and the 44100 message,
> but this seems like a bad solution...
> http://www.yeeking.net/pd/sampler2_metro.png
> Can anyone suggest how to update the 44100 message and end point slider
> automatically?
> cheers
> matthew
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