[PD] Re: Barberà Pd community,... contestation about 3xl.net - riereta -Yves - ...

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Feb 10 06:31:05 CET 2004

> .
> riereta is not  only the pd community, because we're doing more for 
> pd, and other people that we know and not know. If you have more 
> visibility than these person this not mean that you 're the one, and 
> only the pd community existing in bcn, you know?¿. 

i don't understand, that's precisely what i was fighting against,
nobody ever pretended we were the only ones,
i was even proposing you to meet and exchange some experience
well, finally, we'd better not.

> This -  website is not developed by Yves 
> Degoyon with
> Pure-Data, :: Pall Thayer :: is the author of this project, you can't 
> say this, this is false.

that's precisely an error from the girl who wrote the article
that i'm trying to get fixed,
i never pretended this, just pointed her to the site,
and she made the confusion.

this discussion is so silly
that that's my last message to you.

but i like your state of confusion.


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