[PD] list2symbol???zexy

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Wed Feb 18 20:10:32 CET 2004

well first of all theres no c file for it, but to be honest I cant seem to
get ones that are there working, I downloaded the zexy zip file, extracted
it, even tried the "-lib zexy" flag, but it still doesnt seem to acknowledge
the fact that makesymbol, etc exists
please help I hate being a newbe  : (

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what makes you think its not in the one you downloaded?  did you load 
the whole zexy lib with a "-lib zexy" flag?


Adrian deCleir wrote:

>ok Ive downloaded the zexy library from 2 different sites, and both dont
>have the list2symbol object in it, I'm positive it is a part of teh zexy
>library,I've been searching everywhere for a means of getting that object
>but I cant find it, was very surprised myself, dont suppose someone could
>send on just that object?
>ps I appreciate all the help ppl give here coz I feel like Im always asking
>obvious sounding questions
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