[PD] Flext (or lack of it)

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sun Feb 22 01:13:08 CET 2004

> Thomas, while we're talking about flext compiling on windows, are you
> still planning to try with mingw? Last week, I tried with cygwin but I was
> not successful, so I used bcc. I'd much prefer to use mingw, since it
> doesn't require the cygwin dll. Also, it is possible to build a flext dll
> and link flext externals dynamically?

Hi Marc,
i never tried mingw, but i guess i should.....

Building a flext dll and dynamical libraries is in principle fully supported
(but still inofficial since i have yet to deal with naming and versioning
Shared flext libraries are already built under Linux and OSX.
Under Windows, edit makefile.pd-msvc to enable the shared targets. You
should probably not enable sndobjs or STK integration for that.
Then, just build your externals with -D FLEXT_SHARED (this will also enable
threading) and link to the flext.dll. It's a good thing since it will make
flext-based externals really small....

best greetings,

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