[PD] strings and negative numbers ia OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 22 11:42:01 CET 2004

enrike hat gesagt: // enrike wrote:

> hi gain
> Has anyone compiled the latest source of the OSC external for windows?? 
> could anyone send the .dll to me or let me know where I could download 
> it from ??
> >>oh! not in my version of OSC external
> >>this is weird I checked yesterday and the version on the website is the 
> >>same as mine as far as i can see.
> >>My osc external is version 0.01-w32, compiled Apr 18 2002
> >
> >
> >Uh, this is *very* old. The current CVS source code on
> >pure-data.sf.net already includes the negative numbers patch, but this
> >is source only.  I only have this as binary for Linux (which is much
> >cheaper than Visual C++ btw. <hint> ;) Still, there might be a newer
> >version in the last w32-pd-externals zip.
> Well this is the version currently available from
> http://cnmat.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OSC/
> I tried to download new versions from
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/pure-data/externals/OSCx/extra/OSC.dll?only_with_tag=
> but none of them seem to incorporate the last outlet for the messages 
> that dont match. I havent tried the negative numbers yet, but this is 
> less important for me at the moment.

Maybe this one has a newer OSC:
It will not have the negative-float bugfix, which I added late in
2003, IIRC.

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