[PD] Red Hat 9 and PD

Padraig Kitterick padraigkitterick at oceanfree.net
Tue Feb 24 23:12:52 CET 2004


If you are using a graphical logon then its likely that its XDM or GDM. 
That means that the .Xsession file in your home directory will contain 
the commands for starting different window managers. If you disable the 
graphical logon you would have to look to the .xinitrc file. This is the 
usual way on RedHat anyway. A quick search of any linux user groups will 
help too.

If you want a really light-weight window manager may I suggest Blackbox 
(http://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net/) as its very fast.

Best wishes,


Ed Kelly wrote:

> Greetings,
> I upgraded from Red Hat 7.2 to 9.0, and now my (rather complex) patches do
> not work and crash my (in-need-of-an-update) machine. All I want is
> Windowmaker or some other low footprint window manager, not the stupid
> bell-and-whistles Gnome or KDE. I have a graphical login that allows no
> other window managers (even though I have installed WM and AfterStep RPMs).
> Does anyone know a way around this?
> Or is RedHat the Windows of Linux distributions?
> Peace, with a little frustration pour moi!
> ek
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