[PD] midi clock sync > [midirealtimein] [midiclkin]

urs jeltsch uese at anorg.net
Fri Feb 27 12:51:19 CET 2004

thanx for sending me your files! But - hope you're a patient with a pd 
newbie (i first had to learn to how to use the terminal in osx to 
install pd...) - how do i have to use or install these files?

i heard about this 2 objects here: 
so they say:
[midiclkin]: it is under constructing now...
[midirealtimein]: recieve F8 to FF, but it only works on Windows... 
 >>you can find it here: http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~tohk/pd/
Anyway, i experimented with this objects under osx and [midiclkin] 
doesn't recevies any message at all (well, still under construction) 
and [midirealtimein] only gets lots of zeros (well, only for windows?).
And i couldn't find any docs about these 2 object. only this:

[midirealtimein] <deffloat>
Methods: list
Outlets: first: float ; 2nd: float

and the same for [midiclk]

Well, not really helpfull for a newbie :), but after experimenting with 
[midirealtimein], i could get some sort of external timing (i think the 
list of zeros i get with it are in fact the F8 and FF messages, but pd 
(under osx) doesn't really recognize it).

But, hasn't anybody wrote a abstraction or patch for external midisync, 
yet? i thought that this would be a quite common task.
Or could anybody give me some hints, how to do it (under osx)?

thanx for your help!


Am 27.02.2004 um 02:58 schrieb Larry Troxler:

> Uh-oh. I'm afraid I might have misled you guys - I wasn't using the 
> midi clock
> at all, but rather what I changed in the parser was to add the ability 
> to
> parse song position pointer ($F2).
> I'm attaching my changes anyway, in case they're usefull - they're 
> against the
> pd-0.36-devel version, so I don't know how current they are. But I 
> don't have
> time at the moment to clean this up unfortunately.
> On Wednesday 25 February 2004 11:59, Urs Jeltsch wrote:
>> [midiclkin]: doesn't seem to work under osx
>> [midirealtimein]: i only get a lot of zeros
> How are these supposed to work under PD? Where did  you find docs for 
> these?
> Larry Troxler
> <s_unix.c><s_unix.c.orig><x_midi.c><x_midi.c.orig>
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