[PD] 'Reading' a patch or subpatch

Padraig Kitterick padraigkitterick at oceanfree.net
Tue Mar 2 23:42:53 CET 2004

Hi all,

I am reading in configuration data from a device, translating that into 
a network of PD objects and sending messages to a sub-patch (using 
pd-msg) to effectively 'draw' the configuration for the user in the 
sub-patch. As it is clear that you can send messages to a PD 
patch/sub-patch to draw and manipulate objects this part is not a problem.

However, if / when the user changes anything in that sub-patch I want to 
be able to receive a list of what is in the sub-patch and how they are 
connected so that I can send the updated configuration to the device. 
This I have no clue how to do!

So... is there a way to receive the contents/connections in a sub-patch 
in the form of pd messages, e.g. 'obj x y ....', 'msg x y ....', 
'connect 0 1 0 2', etc.

Thanks in advance,

Padraig Kitterick

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