[PD] test version of MacOS X installer for 0.37.1

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Mar 9 23:40:49 CET 2004


This is an early test version of the next MacOS X installer, it isn't 
meant to be a final release yet, (if that's what you are looking for, 
go to the downloads page on the pure-data.org/pure-data.iem.at ).  It 
doesn't include Tcl, so that needs to be installed separately.  I am 
currently using it with tigital's Tcl 8.5 alpha and it works well.  I 
am interested to hear how it works with other versions of Tcl.

This release is just a recompile of the old installer maker, with all 
of its bugs, using updated code from CVS and Miller's pd-0.37-1 
sources.  I'll be working next on making Pd a proper MacOS X 
application, installed into /Applications, and drag-and-dropable from 

As for PDP and GEM, I threw in the Clepper's GemG4 binary from his 
site, and the PDP/PiDiP combo from Yves' site, both downloaded 
yesterday.  They currently don't work for me, but I don't use video 
much, so I haven't troubleshot them at all yet.


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