[PD] Creating signal patches by messages

Peter Lundén plu at tii.se
Wed Mar 10 10:08:20 CET 2004

I suppose the computation graph for the DSP is not updated correctly 
when creating a new box which contains DSP, but when you load (open) a 
DSP patch into a running application is done correctly.  So there is no 
reson that it needs to behave like this, its a very anoying problem as 
Im depending on dynamic creation in a running application. I can not 
simply fix the problem by turning DSP off and on again to get the 
computation graph right.


Frank Barknecht wrote:

>Roman Haefeli hat gesagt: // Roman Haefeli wrote:
>>it seems that computation of audio is only updated by any "manual" action in
>>edit mode. i think every time you do something the pd-patch is "rewritten"
>>in the background, but not if changes are made by a message.
>Some more tests here revealed, that it has to do something with the
>dsp chain, which seems to not be update when DSP is on, but an
>abstraction with dsp code inside is instatiated. 
>In the example I posted earlier, you can do edits as long as you do
>not affect the dsp chain. So you can create a number box or so, but
>you cannot do things like moving the osc~ object without turning on
>audio finally.

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