[PD] PD Knoppix

periclite at free.fr periclite at free.fr
Sun Mar 14 19:34:23 CET 2004

Selon derek holzer <derek at x-i.net>:

> I agree that a piece of god Linux audio propaganda is necessary for PPC 
> computers.
> In a previous post on this thread, I mentioned a few live CDs for PPC. 
> Two are versions of Knoppix, and then of course there are the Gentoo 
> live CDs used for installing. All of them are *not* specialized for 
> audio, but a clever person might be able to remaster them. In another 
> post on this thread, I asked the folks making the Mandrake live PD CD if 
> they had plans to make a PPC version, as Mandrake has packages available 
> for PPC architecture. Check the archive of the last week for details.

Yes for sure Derek!
It's on the agenda for us (as we have some mac under mandrake 9.2), we have a
lot of hacking to do for that. As we also wait for mandrake to update to 9.2 for
PPC, but when they will do it, that will be another step. Also the script we use
to create mandrake live CD is not well ported for PPC... We are in touch with
mandrake about their mandrake move... let's see!


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