[PD] Live motion tracking using pd / gem

Max Neupert max at revolwear.com
Mon Mar 15 01:55:22 CET 2004

am 13.03.2004 20:53 Uhr schrieb chris clepper unter cgc at humboldtblvd.com:

>> Even better than comparing the sequencing frames to each other would
>> be for
>> my purpose to let the camera grab a frame of the empty stage to later
>> compare those to the ones with spectators. Somebody out there who has
>> done
>> that?
> Yes, pix_background will take a snapshot frame and compare incoming
> frames to it.  It only draws the pixels that are different.  There's a
> help patch included with CVS.

This object (pix_background) seems to work quite well from what is
displayed, but the pix_blob creates weired data so that the pix_movement is
still better in the result. Why is that?

(see attachment)


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