[PD] audio-clicks with loading samples

Eric Skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Wed Mar 17 01:37:08 CET 2004

This has been addressed previously. Most recently under the topic "load 
a wav file -> dsp turning off ????"... check pd-list archives at 
pd.iem.at. I posted a hack that usually works for me*, but it's still 
frustrating that this even happens, especially during a performance!

I know [readanysf~] was supposed to tackle this, but I haven't used it. 
Anyone have experience with that?

I notice the openpanel problem only with MMIO. Using ASIO there is no drop.

* http://old.iem.at/mailinglists/pd-list/2004-03/020245.html

Georg Holzmann wrote:

>Hello list!
>I know this toppic was discussed in the list, but i didn't found it. So I'll
>ask it again:
>1) If I load an audio-file in an array I get audio tropouts. So my question,
>is there an external that I can load the sample slower and get no tropouts?
>Else I'll try to write one. 
>2) If I load a sample with the  [openpanel]  the sound I currently play is
>put off. Then when I select something and close the window I can hear the
>sound again. Is this normal? (I use pd0.37 on WinXP)
>Thank for any advice!

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