[PD] Re: loading pd external

florian grassl souterrain at web.de
Thu Mar 18 21:15:33 CET 2004

doniguan at stny.rr.com wrote:
> I am too having trouble loading simple externals. Im trying to install percolate. I have all the files in the lib/pd/ folder, but i dont know how to get them to work. It sais something along the lines of, 
type load -percolate when you start pd, but i dont understand what that 


never properly having worked with dos commands before i used pd, i had lots of trouble loading externals when i first started. i suggest you might do as IOhannes said but make yourself a .bat file to start pd instead of typing all stuff into the command window:

open a new text file in windows notepad, type in all your paths, flags, lib locations sth like:

c:\pd\bin\pd.exe -nomidin -nomidiout -font 10 -blablabla -path c:\thepathtofiles (if needed, this should be in the externals readme you want to load) -lib c:\thepathtothedlloftheexternal;c:\thepathtoanotherexternal....

save it (*.txt), close it and simply rename to .bat instead of .txt. now either double-click or load from a command prompt.

hope that´s any help,

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