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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Mar 19 00:22:13 CET 2004

doniguan at stny.rr.com wrote:
> Thanks for the leghty response, but im acutally using OSX. 


Sorry. My mistake! I really thought somewhere in the thread you 
mentioned windoze. I think a few others did as well. It helps to be 
*very* explicit about this kind of stuff :-)

If you want to edit your PD start file for OSX, you shouldn't use a GUI 
text editor, as it can introduce funny formatting and permissions, and 
as you have seen, it can kill the executable part of your file.

My suggestion is to open a terminal and use the app "pico" to edit your 
preexisting PD start file. Pico doesn't change any of the permissions 
[this includes executable] so you should be safe.


pico /path/to/pd.command

I think it is better not to use line breaks in this file, but to 
seperate your startup flags with spaces.

You can also make a .pdrc file in your home directory. You can use line 
breaks to seperate the flags as Sara has done on the umatic.nl page I 
mention below.

Both ways will do the same thing, so choose which one works for you. 
There is no .pdrc by default, you must create one yourself.

More info on PD for OSX can be found here as well:


There is a section on creating your .pdrc and your pd.command file. 
Bonus info is one way to install PDP. But you should tackle that later...

good luck,

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